Man, The Endangered Species? by Rev Pat Reid

Are ‘Homo sapiens of the male gender’ – aka men –becoming an endangered species? Is Father’s Day no longer a male-only domain? A growing number of single parent women, raising their children by themselves, are laying claim to Father’s Day, and feel justified that they too should have a stake in being celebrated on that day, because they are being both mother and father to their children. Here, Rev Pat Reid shares his thoughts on the diminishing importance of men…

Society has completely emasculated the man and replaced him with the superwoman – a half woman, half man hybrid species, who, in her attempt to become the ‘complete woman’, has become devoid of identity and femininity. As a consequence, this breed of superwoman is reproducing daughters and sons after her own kind: girls who want to become her, and boys who want to marry someone like her. Unfortunately, their lenses have been tainted by her.

Man’s identity is almost being redefined – away from the original purpose God intended and created him to be. With the onslaught of gender fluidity, there is no absolute definition, and so man can be whatever he wants to be and wear whatever he wants to wear. Even in a local school, boys have been given permission to wear skirts as part of their school uniform.

The truth about the Real Man is that he is actually a superman. If you have one in your life, if he is there, present and active in the life of his wife, children and family, he is invaluable and priceless. He is worth far more than a rare diamond, because of the impact and influence he has on those around him.

The Real Man’s primary role – and his worth as head of his family – is more than merely barking orders, but is based on the four Ps:

1. Provider:

In times past, the man would be responsible for providing a house, finance, discipline, headship, structure, direction, leadership and vision for his family, as well as stability, love, discipline and the general temperature and atmosphere of the home.

2. Protector:

His wife and children should feel safe in his presence, as he provides that hedge and wall of protection around them, defending them at all costs, and ensuring that even when he isn’t present, he has put measures in place to keep them safe. The significance of his protection makes him a warrior and not a worrier.

3. Preserver:

His family should have the assurance that their needs are taken care of, not only during his lifetime, but as a legacy for them to inherit when he is no longer around – a legacy not only for his children’s children, but possibly for generations to come.

4. Priest:

A man resting in his priestly role is one who should have a level of faith and confidence in God, so that his family trust him and his leadership, as he trusts in God. The certain swagger that comes from a man who relies on God will encourage his family to also rely on God.

The Man in the Home:

1. Financial Benefit:

A pre-requisite to being a multi-millionaire or billionaire is almost predicated on being married. A man on his own is able to conquer the world, but with his wife, he is able to conquer the universe. The power of two is able to give an exponential return to anything he puts his mind to.

2. The Power of Partnership:

The man, working in partnership with his wife, will receive the benefit of a second brain; another pair of hands and feet; another (probably more sensitive) heart; female intuition, which thinks on a different level, and another soul and spirit that enables him to have sound and objective judgement, because he will have the wisdom to sensitively harmonise with his wife, thus arriving at better conclusions together.

3. Leadership Qualities:

The biggest impact of the man is in his home – firstly with his wife, then with his children. Far from dictating and bullying, the quality his leadership is best seen in how he empowers his wife and children to be phenomenally better than they would have been without him.

4. Freedom to Fail:

His presence allows his wife to be more confident in taking greater risks, and challenges her to become more, to push harder and reach higher, because she isn’t trapped in a world where she is leading on her own. In him she has a rock she can lean on, who holds her up, and gently encourages her to evolve and be the beautiful individual she was ultimately designed to be. She is able to pursue her heart’s desires, knowing that if she were to stumble and fall, he is there to help her up and cause her to see that her unsuccessful attempts are not failures, but down payments to her success.

5. Value of Fatherhood:

The presence of a father in the home allows that child to do phenomenally better at school (eg. with a wider vocabulary). His presence and encouragement – even the tone of his voice – all help to command respect and a certain reverential fear, which keeps order and discipline in the home.

A child is less likely to end up in prison, when the father is present in the home, being an example and sharing his experience.

According to statistics, a child is less likely to end up abusing alcohol and drugs, when the father is present in the home, as his example and warnings are effective deterrents.

Teenagers are less likely to be sexually active, when the father is present in the home. Whatever his own sexual exploits may be, he will emphasise that he doesn’t want his son or daughter to be sexually active.

A child is less likely to be obese, when the father is present in the home, because he or she will generally enjoy a happier, playful environment, and eat more healthily, statistics have shown.

The father’s presence will not only encourage the wife but also the children to take healthier and calculated risks.

The presence and quality of a man in the home, in the community and in the world is immense, and it’s an awesome privilege to celebrate the man for who he is!

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