First ever Christian Rap Single by Poet Jermaine Wong

‘Jermaine Wong’s single ‘Stuck in the Dark of the Night’ is the title track from the upcoming EP release inspired by Jermaine’s personal life testimony.

Written to empower the soul, it makes no apologies in making Christ real for the human experience. Produced by highly acclaimed producer Mahlon Rhamie of StarClef Music with supporting vocals by Sergine Mwanza.

Jermaine is best known for his unique style of Spoken Word which is delivered as hard-hitting, raw, honest lyrics that arrests the listeners attention and reaches into the hearts and consciences of all who hear it. For this single Jermaine is going back to his rap roots where he first started but still using the same non-sugar-coated approach.

Watch Jermaine freestyle below:

As well as Spoken Word and Rap, Jermaine is also a Director, Playwright and Filmmaker, he has his own company which he runs with his wife. The production company is called Final Call Productions (FCP) which specialises in Faith-Based Theatre, Poetry and Film production.

See Jermaine perform at FCP’s monthly spoken word poetry night called Transcendence, next event on the 13th June at Trapeze Bar in Shoreditch.

You can read more about Jermaine and his upcoming EP on the FCP website:

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