7 Podcasts By Black & Mixed Race Brits That You Should Listen To This Summer

In recent years, podcasting has been taking the entertainment world by storm. Being able to listen to something at home, in the car, on the go, or quite frankly whenever is brilliant. After listening to a series of episodes with podcasters sharing their stories and talking through issues, the voices become your friends. Whether you pick something because it makes you laugh or cry there is a podcast out there for everyone. Here are my pick of the best podcasts by British people of colour.

I think that podcasts are like friends — you choose them because you have something in common or because you have a connection. Pick the right one and they’ll serve you well, but pick the wrong one and it could be a waste of time. There are so many British podcasts that focus on shared experiences of being black and living in the UK and they provide insight and comfort. But perhaps the most important thing they do is to provide a space for black and mixed race British voices, and especially those of women. These podcasts do more than just provide people with entertainment — they enhance the sisterhood in so many ways.

But unfortunately, as with many issues facing ethnic minorities, there are so many amazing podcasts that haven’t yet had enough media attention. So here I am shining my spotlight, on some of the coolest and most interesting podcasts I know.

1. The Receipts Podcast

There’s no way we could compile a list of the best Black British podcasts without kicking things off with The Receipts. These girls will make you howl with laughter, they have absolutely no filter, and if they don’t become your besties after a couple of episodes there’s no hope. The show is fronted by Tolly, Milena, and Audrey, who talk about their personal lives, race, and so much more. You’re definitely in for a treat. This should be top of your list.

Listen to The Receipts here

2. 2 Queens In A Pod

The two ladies from 2 Queens In A Pod, Leah and Iman, front a pretty brilliant podcast talking all things from fashion to finance. They focus on the realities of being a young twenty something woman and you can definitely learn a thing or two from these ladies. Black girl magic at its finest.

Listen to 2 Queens In A Pod here

3. Say Your Mind

If you don’t know who Kelechi Okafor is, then you definitely need to. After checking out her Say Your Mind podcast, I’m certain you won’t be able to forget her, either. This is a fantastic representation of the black British experience, with Okafor giving her take on current events. Okafor is a woman of many talents, and she also runs a pole fitness studio in Peckham called Kelechnekoff. Your new inspiration.

Listen to Say Your Mind

4. Rice At Home

Even the name of the podcast should make you feel just a little home comfort. Rice At Home is fronted by Ama, Travis, and Michael as they navigate black business and finance. With a sprinkling of current affairs this helps you to see where you can go without forgetting or being tied down to where you came from. If you wanna hear about being broke and learn tips about financial freedom, look no further.

Listen to Rice At Home

5. Black Gals Livin’

Black Gals Livin’ has to be up there as one of my favourite ever podcasts. With conversation from having a hot girl summer, to deeper current affairs, these girls have got you covered. They talk about everything pop culture, so if you don’t want to miss out on a Love Island gossip but also talk about race and mental health, they’ve got you covered. Vic and Jas have really creating something epic here. Check it out and thank me later.

Listen to Black Gals Livin’

6. The Power Hour

If you’re looking for help on productivity look no further. After all we have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyoncé, right? Power Hour will show you exactly that. Led by the superwoman Adrienne LDN who is a fitness and wellness mogul, this podcast will motivate you and help your morning routine and daily habits. Trust me, it really work and she’ll become your life coach pretty quickly.

Listen to Power Hour

7. Byooti Podcast

Byooti is the brain child of the creators of 20Something Podcast. Fronted by Naomi Simon, it’s all about self care. This pod has slipped under people’s radar because it’s relatively new but it’s seriously good. The self care they discuss comes in a range of different forms but ultimately the podcast revolves around treating yourself right and putting yourself first. Just like its older sister, 20Something Podcast, this podcast really does open up a black pride dialogue. I’m a fan.

Listen to Boyooti

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Written by: LOLLIE KING

First published 30.06.29: https://www.bustle.com/p/7-podcasts-by-black-mixed-race-brits-that-you-should-listen-to-this-summer-18150975

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