Open Doors statement on the Foreign Office Review of UK govt support for persecuted Christians worldwide.

As the persecution of Christians across the world continues to rise at a shocking rate, Open Doors has responded to the Bishop of Truro’s Independent Review for the UK Foreign Secretary of Foreign and Commonwealth Office for persecuted Christians worldwide.

Henrietta Blyth, CEO of Open Doors UK and Ireland, said:

“The UK Government must act now. It must focus attention on the countries where persecution is most severe and where the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Christian persecution is not a party political issue. We believe that the Prime Ministerial post of Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief should be a permanent role so that its existence is not subject to any political agenda. This will also ensure that persecuted Christians are rightly placed at the heart of government decisions on trade and aid.”

Open Doors produces the World Watch List every year, ranking the 50 countries in the world where the persecution of Christians is most extreme. North Korea has been number 1 since 2002. Pakistan, India, China and Nigeria are all on the list. The data also helps to identify countries like India and Nepal where the persecution of Christians is increasing dramatically. Recently, Pastor Kuldeep was brutally attacked while praying on the verandah of his house in rural India. He was rushed to hospital and barely survived.

“You have converted! You are against our gods!” his attackers said. Pastor Kuldeep had faced accusations like this before but the violent attack on him was unprecedented. Thirty years after his conversion from Hinduism to Christianity, Kuldeep says he does not feel safe. “India has certainly changed a lot,”

he said.

Henrietta Blyth welcomed the Review itself saying: “I believe that freedom of religion or belief is one of the major issues of our time. This review is a good first step to addressing this. For it to be effective it must deliver real, tangible and lasting change for those suffering persecution.”

Open Doors estimates that 245 million Christians face persecution. According to its research, 1 in 3 Asian Christians face persecution.

Henrietta Blyth added:

“Persecution is a global problem. Governments must act to enforce Article 18 of the Declaration of Human Rights – the freedom to choose a religion or belief or to choose no religion or belief. This is not about politics, it’s about freedom. Sadly, in many countries Christianity is criminalised and there are thousands of Christians locked up because of their faith. Many are tortured. It’s wrong.”

The World Watch List is produced using detailed information from over 100 countries. Data is gathered on five spheres of life – private, family, community, national and church life. 

A sixth block, ‘violence’, cuts across all five, and measures serious ‘violence’ (including deprivation of freedom) to people or property. Persecution in each country is recorded by Open Doors using a points system. Open Doors’ research methods and results are independently audited by the International Institute for Religious Freedom. The 2019 World Watch List accounts for the 12 months ending 31 October 2018.

Main image credit: Open Doors

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