Christian charity helping black students win places at Oxford and Cambridge

A charity founded to improve the educational attainment of black children is calling on parents to work alongside their children to help them achieve educationally and encourage them to apply for places at Britain’s top schools and universities

The Kingsgen Foundation (KF), an award winning charity started by Reverend Nicholas Nunayon, in 2010, has seen young people who have used its services gain scholarships at public schools like Eton, as well as get accepted into Oxford & Cambridge University, Russell Group universities and medical schools.

Reverend Nicholas Nunayon

Rev Nunayon states:

“There are numerous African and Caribbean parents who want their children to achieve academic success and support them in doing so.  The KF has been committed to working alongside parents and children to help them develop the skills they need to attain academic success and get to study at Britain’s leading schools and universities.”

To achieve this goal, every year the KF takes up to 90 young people on trips to Cambridge and Oxford so that they get insight of what it would be like to study there.  These trips were initially started in response to calls by leading Universities for assistance in attracting more black students. 

The Kingsgen Foundation was first launched in Brixton, but is now based in the London Borough of Bexley.   People from as far afield as Scotland have utilised the Kingston Foundation services, as well as those living in London and the south east.

Alongside helping young people get into University it also runs a range of initiatives for parents and children.  These include a parenting conference, and youth conferences designed to raise the educational aspirations of children.  

They also run a Computer coding and Robotic Academy to ignite young people’s interest in STEM subjects, provide mentoring and run debating academies in Greenwich and Bexley. They are due to establish more debating academies in Lewisham and Croydon  

Rev Nunayon stated,

“The KF encourages children to aim high, and we run schemes that motivate young people and enable them to develop the skills they need in order to enable them to  achieve the goals they set for themselves.”

Rev Nunayon has  numerous testimonials from parents whose children have either gotten scholarships to attend leading private school or won places at leading Universities.  

He said,

“Parents have shared how informative and empowering they’ve found the special events we’ve held whilst their children have stated that attending our initiatives have opened up their minds to the fact that attending a leading University is not an impossible dream and given them the  confidence to apply.”

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