How Road Trips Will Bring You Closer to Your Family

It’s summertime again, which means it’s also time for your family vacation. Whether you’re travelling north to the mountains, or south to the beach; road trips enable you to see a more intimate view of the beautiful country you live in and create special memories with your family.

In order to prepare for the trip, there are some things you should know about traveling long distances in the car. The following suggestions will help prepare you for the road by ensuring your journey goes smoothly, and is comfortable for everyone involved.

Bring Music

Music is a sure way to get everyone in happy spirits by setting the tone of the trip. It allows your family to fully relax and enjoy themselves. It can also create fun games, like sing along or music trivia. For example, specific artists can be played at new legs of the journey as you cross the states where the musicians are from, the first person to guess the correct artist gets a point!

Some additional ideas to enhance your road trip include:

  • Create a specially crafted playlist for your road trip.
  • Include songs that are fun to sing along to as a family.
  • Include each family member’s favourite song.
  • Include music that is special to your family (i.e. specific genre, etc.).

You can shape your family’s experience by creating an atmosphere of fun, family approved, music! This is also an ideal time to introduce your family to new music, or offers a chance to sing some of your favourite gospel songs. There is a song for everything and with several hours ahead of you, that’s certainly the case with travelling!

Ensure Comfort

Comfort is key! It’s important that you and your family dress for the drive by wearing comfortable clothing. Having pillows and blankets available in the vehicle makes napping easier and there are plenty of solutions to help beat the summer heat when you’re in the car for a long period of time. It’s also important to stop on occasion, so everyone can stretch and get a breath of fresh air. If you or your children are prone to car sickness, pack some motion sickness medicine and ensure you’re stocked up for the rest of the vacation. The medication and fresh air should hold everyone over and avoid any sickness on the road.

If you have the time built into your travel schedule, stop along the way at tourist hot-spots for some extra fun. You can also visit restaurants that appeal to you for lunch or dinner. Having a photo shoot in front of each state sign you encounter is a great way to pass the time and also remember the occasion.

Car Maintenance

Make sure you’ve taken care of any and all car maintenance prior to leaving for your trip. Routine maintenance includes having the oil changed, tires rotated or replaced, dents and damage to the vehicle repaired, and fluids such as window washing solution and antifreeze topped up. Luckily, many of these maintenance tasks can be handled without a mechanic – so long as you know what fluids your car needs. Taking note of your starting mileage allows you to see how many miles you’ve put on your vehicle on the trip.

A family road trip provides you with plenty of things to do, see, and experience as well as bond with your spouse and children. In the weeks leading up to your trip prepare for the excursion by making sure your vehicle is in excellent working order mechanically. Then, acquire all of the things needed to make everyone feel extra comfortable riding in the car for long periods of time. That way, your epic journey isn’t cut short by a kid experiencing car sickness, or a faulty car that needs repairs!

Following these simple tips will ensure that you and your family have the vacation of a lifetime while getting in quality fellowship time along the way.

AnnaBeth Rouse

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