2019 Judicial diversity statistics – Only 12% of Magistrates declared themselves as BAME

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The annual England and Wales judicial diversity figures for 2019 have been published showing the figures as at 1 April 2019.  The statistics show that: 

  • 32% of judges in the courts and 46% of tribunal judges were women. 51% of non-legal members of tribunals were women.
  • Around half of judges in the court aged under 50 are women.  Women outnumber men among tribunal judges aged 40-49 (54% women) and 50-59 (52% women). 
  • 23% of Judges in the Court of Appeal and 27% in the High Court were women.
  • 42% of Upper Tribunal Judges were women.
  • Since 2014, women’s representation among judges in the court has increased by 7%.
  • Of the 143 Judges in the court that were appointed to a senior judicial role in 2018/19, 45% were women.
  • More than half of Magistrates were women (56%).
  • The proportion of BAME Judges was higher in those joining the judiciary than in those leaving the judiciary. 11% of new Judges in the court were BAME compared to 6% of those leaving, and 12% of new Tribunal Judges were BAME compared to 5% of those leaving. 
  • BAME representation among Judges in the court was generally lower than the general population, but in those aged 50 to 59 it was similar to general population at this age (10% compared to 11%), while BAME representation among Tribunal Judges was similar or higher than that of the general population at all age bands from 40 and over. 
  • 12% of Magistrates declared themselves as BAME.
  • 33% of Judges in the court and 63% of Tribunal Judges were from non-barrister backgrounds (solicitor, CILEX or other. Representation by Judges in the court decreased by 3% since 2014 and for tribunal judges decreased by 5% over the same period).

Lord Chief Justice, Lord Burnett of Maldon and Senior President of Tribunals, Sir Ernest Ryder, said:

‘Once again, I am encouraged to see that the number of women judges (in both the courts and tribunals) and non-legal tribunal members has increased; that around half of judges in the courts aged under 50 are women. The Judicial Diversity Committee, chaired by Lady Justice Hallett, has set out the steps it plans to take over the next 12 months to reach a more diverse pool of lawyers and focus its efforts on attracting new talent and supporting career progression. The Committee will shortly publish its annual plan and report.  Amongst other measures, the committee is working to support and encourage solicitors to join the judiciary.’ 

All tables and information can be found here.

First published 16.07.19: https://www.familylaw.co.uk/news_and_comment/2019-judicial-diversity-statistics-published


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