Lytie -The man behind the music

Lloyd Powell, better known by his stage name, Lytie, is an international reggae artist who hails from Birmingham, UK.

Lytie’ musical inspiration came from the many hours of listening to Nat King Cole and Dennis Brown. He would then mimic their voice until he was able to develop his own style of singing 

Following his passion, Lytie’s ambition to perform materialised, and he was soon touring Europe; sharing the stage with Dennis Brown ,Gregory Issacs, Sanchez and Frankie Paul to name a few. 

Securing number one hit in the Reggae Charts with his popular single entitled ‘I Want You’ Lytie went on to gain two gold discs for ‘Best Male Reggae Singer’ and ‘Bestselling Single’.

Just when it seemed that life couldn’t get any better, things took an unexplainable turn and in desperation for answers, Lytie’s journey of self discovery took him across to the United States. 

The three month trip was a life changing experience which he will never forget, and upon returning to the UK, Lytie cemented his faith and lost relationship with Christ; sparking a new direction towards the Gospel genre.

With his roots firmly in the Caribbean, some of his biggest accolades include performing in Barbados, Tobago and The Bahamas.

The Smooth Man of Gospel’ – often compared to the Late Dennis Brown 
Lytie, received this title from a radio DJ who admired his silky smooth voice and the high notes he reached with ease.

Lytie is also a qualified plasterer, a line of work which he enjoys; often when working his melodious sound can be heard bouncing of the walls with each stroke of his troll

Lytie not only ministers the word through music, but he is also very active in the community. Each month he attends a day centre where he sings and spends time with the elderly residents 

After much hard work and dedication, Lytie has enjoyed an accomplished career with the release of his new album ‘Light of the World’. This album is a must, and has already begun to receive an  overwhelming  air play on various radio stations.

By the grace of God, his mission to share and produce good quality music will manifest once again.

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