Can Christian Families Meditate Together?

In recent years meditation has undergone a revival in the Christian community and is now a much bigger part of life at church for many people. One of the most exciting outcomes of this is that so many children and young people have started to take to it as well, and embrace it in their lives as a form of prayer and way of being closer to God.

Meditation in the Christian community

One of the best things about Christian meditation and the tradition behind it is that it helps build a strong sense of community, bringing people together under God through ‘the prayer of the heart’. Inside all of us there is a world of stillness and silence, connecting with that and sitting within it in prayer can help to greatly enrich your spiritual path.

The benefits of Christian meditation for children

Not only does Christian meditation build community, but it also has the power to help bond people closely together. The need for Christian meditation is particularly valuable and important for Children in todays climate, with the family model having shifted away from the traditional one, more children than ever before now live in divorced or single parent families. 

Enriching their inner world

It’s important therefore that children learn how to find meaning, make spiritual connections and become part of the Christian community. Through Christian meditation, children can find peace and stillness within and connect with God anytime and anywhere and have a first-hand experience of God’s love. It’s important that children learn how to do this, so they are equipped to find that strength and solace whenever they need it.

Introducing them step by step

You can teach your child the way of Christian meditation step by step so they have the opportunity to digest each key principle through their meditation practice, such as meditating on scripture, or meditating on God’s love and benevolence. This way, they can come to understand what each principle means in the deepest sense, so they can eventually learn how to practice each one intuitively. 

Getting started

To get started the whole family can sit down together either on chairs or on the floor in a quiet and spacious room such as the living room, everyone should close their eyes and take some deep breaths to begin the process of relaxing the body and mind. 

When everyone is relaxed you can begin to gently explain what the focus for meditation is going to be for that session, and give some guidance, insight and examples to help them on their way. You can introduce your child to a new concept each session and practice each one with until you can sense that they have grasped it for themselves. 

Establishing a family ritual

Eventually, once your child is confident enough, they could even begin to lead future meditations. Making a ritual of this in your home will not only bring your family together, but it will strengthen each individual’s relationship with God, as well as enrichen your lives at church as you form part of a spiritual global community.

Written by: Katlyn Eriksen

Katlyn Oliver is a freelance writer and editor having previously spent a decade working in the healthcare industry.

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