Thousands unite to worship one in new Peterborough home

This year saw New Wine’s United gatherings move from their home of 30 years in Shepton Mallet to the East of England Showground in Peterborough. Over 23,000 people camped together to worship one, enjoying inspirational teaching, worship and fellowship across denominations – with thousands more joining for the day or listening at home on New Wine FM.

Close to 4,500 volunteers flocked to Peterborough to serve on teams over the course of the two-week event with thousands of children and youth participating in fun, engaging and biblical teaching for their age groups.

Thousands of people gathered to Worship together.

Jordan Seng, Lead Pastor of Bluewater Mission, Honolulu and Lucy Peppiatt, Principal of Westminster Theological Centre, were among the speakers giving the main morning Bible teachings along with a host of local and national leaders.

£189,000 was pledged over the fortnight for this year’s four chosen charities: TLG, Hope into Action, Compassion and Just Earth.

Unfortunately, due to the severe high winds forecast over the final two days of the event, the difficult decision was taken to close United early.

New Wine National Leader, Paul Harcourt, said:

“The safety of our delegates, team and staff is our first priority and unfortunately that means we had to take the difficult decision to close at midday on Friday instead of finishing our programme on Saturday. We have been overwhelmed by how gracious, understanding and helpful everyone has been to enable all to leave site and get home safely. We’ve seen so many incredible stories of God at work over the past two weeks and we’re already looking forward to returning home here to Peterborough in 2020.”

Testimonies of God at work were abundant over both weeks, with healings, release from anxiety and a renewed sense of God’s calling as frequent testimonies across site. Hundreds gave their life to Jesus for the first time with many more recommitting themselves. 

One parent told of her experience: “My daughter (aged 6) has come home from Ground Breakers at New Wine with an absolute expectation that God will and wants to talk to her. When we pray now, she insists that we ‘pray, wait and check’. It is so encouraging to hear her sharing pictures and words!”

Delegates outside of the arena.

Another delegate testified of her immediate healing:

“I was struggling so badly with anxiety yesterday morning. It was crippling and I didn’t think I could even drive to the pharmacy to get my anti-anxiety medication prescription (I keep on standby). I went to the Arena at 9.30am oblivious to the content of the sermon, but just stood up and received healing. As I sobbed, my lower stomach relaxed and my anxiety was gone – 30 seconds. Praise the Lord!”

Jules Morgan, Director of Operations, said:

“Despite all that the weather has thrown at us, God has been so good and we have seen him at work in the lives of thousands of people and communities on this site. We are so grateful to the staff and team who have worked tirelessly to keep everyone safe and make our first year here one to remember.”

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