“God is not mad at you”: Pastor preaches at prison church campus

Prisoners at a megachurch’s prison campus are being taught God’s love.

Gateway Church is a megachurch in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. They now have seven campuses, after their most recent one launched at Coffield Prison, in Anderson County, Texas.

Senior Pastor Robert Morris says that Gateway hopes to have 10 prison campuses in the next two years as over 500 inmates have made the decision to follow Jesus since the launch of the prison campus.

Gateway Church is in Southlake, Texas with seven campuses - including Coffield Campus. (Gateway Church/Facebook)
In June, the church was able to baptize five of some of the most dangerous criminals in Coffield. Gateway Church is in Southlake, Texas with seven campuses – including Coffield Campus. (Gateway Church/Facebook)

Niles Holsinger is one of the pastors that work at the Coffield campus, says, “No church has ever been able to do in the history of this prison, and that is water baptize men from what’s called Administrative Segregation.

‘AdSeg,’ as it’s known as, is extreme isolation. Men in AdSeg are allowed out of their small cells for only one hour a day into a slightly larger cell, according to Holsinger. “These guys cannot be around other people, they cannot be around friends, they cannot be around family.”

The men were brought into the prison gymnasium, with shackled feet, hands, and around their waist. The men are considered so dangerous that the guards would not let go of the men until they were placed into the baptismal tank and then guards remained on each side

In their most recent Facebook update about Coffield Campus, Gateway church shares a portion of the pastor’s message.

“I hope it just dawns on you one day that God is not mad at you,” he says. “That God actually wants to bless you, no matter what the world tells you about God.”

Gateway says in their post: “We were truly honored to have a live service at our Coffield Campus last week. The Lord is moving in an incredible way in the men at Coffield.”

“All you have to do, to get in on it,” says the pastor, “is believe.”

Main image copyright: Gateway Church/Facebook

Written by Alissa Moffit

First published 18.08.19: https://chvnradio.com/christian-news/god-is-not-mad-at-you-pastor-preaches-at-prison-church-campus

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