Church given permission for 2.1m security fence

A church which has been plagued by vandalism and anti-social behaviour on its grounds has been given permission to create a security fence.

Holy Trinity Church on Traverse Street, Fingerpost is to install the security measure and hopes to create a community garden once the area is securer.

A planning application for a 2.1m high fence around the grounds was submitted to the council by the church and has been approved.

The church says that it has been plagued by issues of anti-social behaviour and damage consistently over the past four years.

The Star reported in February 2018 after four steps at the back entry of the church were ripped out of place.

The planning application, submitted by Reverend Clive Doran, states: “The reason we are applying for planning permission at Holy Trinity is this area is an open garden area, a lot of damage has been caused to the church.

“The youth of the area are using this space to drink alcohol and do drugs. Once this area is securer it is hoped that we can create a community garden for the area”.

Written by: Simon Mulligan

First published 18.08.19:

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