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Tortured for Christ is a book that has inspired millions. Now you can watch a drama documentary of how Richard Wurmbrand overcame imprisonment and torture in communist Romania.

Richard Wurmbrand was a Romanian pastor who spent a total of fourteen years in communist prisons, three of them in solitary confinement. He was repeatedly tortured to force him to renounce his faith and to reveal the identities of other Christians in ‘the underground church’.

Yet he never gave in, and emerged from his long imprisonment with a forgiving, Christ-like spirit.

Western Christians paid a ransom for him and his family to leave Romania. The authorities threatened him with death if he spoke of his experiences in prison. But that’s just what he did around the UK in churches, schools, and the Albert Hall. In the USA he testified before a Senate committee, removing his shirt to reveal the deep wounds and scars which showed the evidence of the torture he had endured.

Although the title of this film and his most famous book sounds grisly, the account is actually inspiring. How could anyone – and in fact, hundreds of believers – survive the terrible prison conditions, harsh treatment, solitary confinement and even torture? Many died as a result of the deprivations and abuses they suffered, but miraculously, despite contracting TB, Wurmbrand emerged from his ordeal not as a survivor but as a victor, with a passion to alert the western Church to the sufferings of Christians behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ who were being persecuted for their faith.

The film was made in Romania, and the prison scenes were filmed in the actual prison beneath the palace where Richard was initially held.

Don’t miss this life-changing film!

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