MJR raising funds to raise awareness

A group of Christians have embarked on a campaign to raise £90,000 to financethe refurbishment of a ship which will sail around the coast of Britain in 2020 to raise awareness of the legacy of slavery.

When it goes on its travels, around Britain and to the Americas, the ship will be called The Zong and aims to work with local communities.   

This initiative is being undertaken by the Movement of Justice and Reconciliation (MJR). Founded in 2015, MJR seeks to make society aware of the ways in which slavery still impacts Black people’s lives and encourage society to take steps to redress that legacy.  

Church leader Pastor Alton Bell (pictured above) is MJR’s chair. He is desirous for churches to support and help MJR achieve its aims. He said,

“The purpose of sailing The Zong is to support projects that deal with the issues caused by the aftermath of slavery and work with local communities to formulate projects that deal with local issues.”

For more information visit www.mjr-uk.com

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