TV Bakers Martha Collison and Will Torrent team up with Tearfund to host inspiring baking events across the UK this October

Martha Collison, the youngest ever contestant of The Great British Bake Off and Will Torrent, award-winning chocolatier and patissier will host a number of inspiring evenings of conversation and live baking across the UK, in partnership with international relief and development charity Tearfund.

Throughout the Cakes, Bakes & Faith tour the duo will talk about their careers, faith and share baking expertise, as well as taking part in a mystery live baking challenge. Guests will also have the chance to ask their burning baking questions and join in the fun by showcasing their very own home-cooked treats to be judged by the bakers and authors.

Ambassadors for Tearfund, Will and Martha, will also share stories from trips where they got to see the work Tearfund do first-hand to support communities in the greatest need around the world.

Martha visited Lebanon, where she saw how Tearfund’s partners are helping refugee families process the emotional impact of conflict and the trauma they have experienced in a healthy way through creative workshops and training programmes, as with 12-year-old Sara and 10-year-old Zain:

‘Sara and Zain were two of the bravest children I have met. War has put them through so much, but they draw strength from the community they live in. They are able to feel joy again, to love themselves and trust those around them. I have met people who have suffered so much trauma and are still suffering so much now but the hope I see Tearfund bringing to communities is phenomenal.’

Last year Will travelled to the Ivory Coast where he got to meet cocoa farmers being trained and supported by Tearfund’s partners in the region: 

‘As a chocolatier it was a dream come true to visit a cocoa plantation and learn about the process first-hand from the farmers. Cacao is not simple to grow. It needs to be lovingly tended and nurtured. Tearfund’s partners offer technical expertise and support farmers, teaching them what to plant when, how to look after the soil and how to manage their budgets. Farmers are seeing their cacao harvests increase and are now able to support their families, send their children to school and afford healthcare when they need it.’

‘We are so excited to be taking Cakes, Bakes and Faith to more churches up and down the country than ever before. It is the perfect mix of baking, fun and inspiration for all the family. We hope you come away not only inspired in your baking skills but encouraged that together we can see an end to extreme poverty in our lifetime.’

Tearfund works in over 50 countries around the world to help communities overcome the worst effects of poverty and disasters through a network of local partners and churches.

The Cakes, Bakes & Faith tour will take place at various locations across the UK this October and details of how you can book free tickets can be found at

All money raised from this event goes to supporting Tearfund’s work helping some of the poorest communities in the world.

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