Safeguarding must be imbedded into Church life across the globe

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The Plenary Assembly began its session by listening to a powerful testimony from a Brazilian man, who suffered both clerical abuse and abuse in his family.

Building relations

Before beginning the work of the Plenary Assembly, Commission members participated in meetings aimed at building relations with the various Vatican departments and offices, to facilitate the work of Safeguarding at all levels within the Church.

According to a press release issued at the conclusion of the Assembly, there is a continuing need for the culture and mission of Safeguarding to be systemically embedded into the life of the Church across the globe.

In this regard, the Pontifical Commission is engaged in three specific Working Groups: Working with Survivors, Formation and Education, and Safeguarding Guidelines and Norms.

Working with survivors

The work of the Commission with survivors continues, through a variety of strategies, to develop platforms for the Church to listen to the voices of people who have been abused, and to work toward integrating the voices of victims and survivors into the life and mission of the Church.

Formation and education

Members continue to offer formation and education in a variety of ways and throughout the world in response to requests from Episcopal Conferences, individual dioceses, Institutes for Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life and Ecclesial Movements and Associations.

Safeguarding Guidelines

Work on Safeguarding Guidelines and Norms for the Promotion of the Protection of Children has led to several initiatives. These include the development and ongoing refinement of an audit tool. Also, following recent legislation, special attention has been given to the emerging significance and definition of “vulnerable adult”.

A safer world for children

In view of this particular moment in the Church’s history and the forthcoming 30th anniversary of the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors renews its unwavering commitment to contribute to a world that is safe for children and vulnerable persons.

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