Man Stabbed at Church to host events in Birmingham and London to help people discover their purpose

Adam Brooks is an educator, mentor and coach with a passion for helping people to discover their purpose, fight their fears, empowering them to live fulfilled lives and in his own words, “Level UP!”.

Adam is a survivor of a knife attack, which took place in a church service, but his mission and purpose is not defined by that event in his life.

Now, more than ever, Adam is passionate about helping people fulfil their purpose and that’s why he is hosting LevelUP! ‘The Inside Job’ in Birmingham on September 21 and London on September 28

“Level UP! is for anyone who feels stuck in any area of their life, and who recognises they are not living their best life, that there’s more out there 

 for them and are ready to take responsibility for making it happen.”

Adam is known for his powerful style of delivery that will leave you feeling challenged and ready for change.LevelUP! is an event you can’t afford to miss

DATE: Saturday 28th September 2019
TIMES: 2:00pm – Doors Open 2:30pm – Event Starts 5:30pm – Event Ends
VENUE: Streatham Space Project,Sternhold Ave,Streatham, 
London SW2 4PA

TICKETS: From £7.50

CLICK HERE to book

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