Premier Christian artist Noel Robinson gears up for 6th album release ‘I Surrender’

Noel Robinson, a stalwart in Britain’s Christian music scene, and 4x MOBO award nominee, is gearing up for the outing of his 6th album, ‘I Surrender,’ to released on Integrity Music, the world’s largest Christian music label on October 4.

‘I Surrender’ is the follow up to ‘Outrageous Love, Noel’s debut album on Integrity Music which featured Rain, one of Noel’s most popular songs, and first performed almost 10 years ago.  Rain has become an anthem for many, and has been sung in churches across the world, including Potters House, the church led by Bishop T D Jakes. The song has touched many with its emotive call for a revival.  It’s also inspired many and Rain is set to feature on the eagerly anticipated new album from Texan worship group, Leeland part of the Bethel stable.

“As a songwriter for the church the significant thing for me is that people are singing the songs,” Noel comments. “The purpose is to really inspire people and give them a prophetic voice during this season of revival. ‘Rain’ was written some years ago, but to see it take form in the lives of people over the years has been really rewarding for me.”

A greatly respected artist and worship leader, Noel Robinson is the first black Caribbean worship leader to be signed by Intregrity Music Europe.  He has invested into the hearts of worshippers everywhere. 

‘I Surrender’, Noel’s sixth album, features 11 new songs, including ‘Grace Alive’ and the album’s title track which was written during a challenging personal season.

Noel explained, “I often get my stories from life and what’s going on. I write from where I am…’ says Noel. “About different things I’ve been going through, from difficult places to the big celebrations of God. I wanted to narrate stories that others could grab onto and identify, ‘wow I’m in the same place’.

There is no doubt that Noel plays a pivotal role in the UK’s gospel and worship scene.  Born in London, Noel’s consistent commitment to the UK’s worship movement has led to him being known as an early pioneer of the British Gospel scene.

Raised in Pentecostal denomination Church of God of Prophecy, Noel was appointed as Music and Communications Director for the church in his early 20s.  A talented musician, Noel regularly played for  ground breaking gospel outfit The Inspirational Choir, one of the first UK gospel acts to get a record deal, have hits in the pop charts as well as tour the UK and Europe.

Noel was also one of the first UK gospel artists to form his own worship ensemble, and one of the first artists from Britain’s black Pentecostal church movement to record a worship album.

In recent years Noel has launched a successful annual worship conference – the Kingdom Worship Movement – which provides training for worship teams and provides a platform for leading worshippers to share their gifts.  He also holds an annual worship retreat that now attracts over 250+ people.

He has also worked as a producer on numerous album projects and has co-written numerous songs.  He co-wrote the charity single Somebody Please which raised money for victims of the Haiti earthquake and has songwriting credits on the new release from Junior Garr.

Noel shared, “I look back on a life led in surrender to the Lord.  I wasn’t always sure where he would lead me, but on reflection he’s taken me on a long, exciting enjoyable inspiring journey which has enabled me to share my gift and lead and teach others in the process. It’s a life that has exceeded my expectations and I’m sure will continue to.”

The new album from Noel Robinson ‘I Surrender’ is available for pre-order now from Integrity Music Direct and digital music retailers.

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