Nehemiah Housing Holding Charity Gala Dinner In November For National Caribbean Monument Charity

West Midlands-based housing association Nehemiah Housing is hosting a charity gala dinner on Friday 8th November to raise funds for The National Caribbean Monument Charity (TNCMC).

The upcoming fundraising dinner for the TNCMC is being held by Nehemiah Housing as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations and aims to raise £3,000 for the charity.

“We’ve achieved so much during the past 30 years that it only feels right to celebrate in style – we have 30 planned events for this year that range from tea parties through to a church thanksgiving service and this fundraising dinner,” says Llewellyn Graham, Chief Executive of Nehemiah Housing.

“We want to show our support for The National Caribbean Monument Charity, a charity dedicated to remembering the vast sacrifices Caribbean military personnel have made over the centuries – and one way we can do this is by hosting a great fundraising dinner.”

The National Caribbean Monument Charity (TNCMC) upholds the memory of all Caribbean military personnel who contributed so much during the First World War, Second World War, and other conflicts, and strives to create a legacy for today’s and future generations.

Llewellyn Graham comments:

“Not everyone is aware of the massive contribution and difference the British West Indies Regiment made to Britain during the World Wars.

“During World War 1, an estimated 15,600 men of the British West Indies Regiment served with the Allied forces. Jamaica contributed two-thirds of these volunteers, with the remaining third coming from countries including Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Bahamas, St Lucia, and St Vincent.

“In total, 81 medals for bravery were won by these volunteers and 49 men were mentioned in despatches.

“And that’s not all – during the Second World War, some 16,000 West Indians signed up to volunteer for service alongside the British, with more than 100 women volunteering also and mainly choosing to join the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF).”

The motto of the charity TNCMC is “separated by water, bonded by culture” to highlight the togetherness felt by Caribbean people wherever they are.

Earlier this year the charity launched a £500,000 appeal to create a lasting monument to all the Caribbean military personnel who have served the UK, which will join the more-than 380 other monuments at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

“The National Caribbean Monument Charity is hugely important for all of us, and their appeal to create a monument is about more than just a structure, it’s about creating a legacy – making sure this important part of history is not overlooked,” adds Llewellyn Graham.

“Our fundraising dinner for the TNCMC is being held on Friday 8th November, close to Remembrance Sunday. This poignant date was chosen to highlight all the contributions Caribbean military personnel have made in support of Britain during the past centuries – and we want to make this event the massive success it deserves to be.

“You can buy tickets for the charity gala dinner and support the event in other ways too. So please do all you can to show your support for this fantastic charity and to ensure it raises as much money as possible on the night.”

To buy tickets for the fundraising dinner or to pledge your support for the TNCMC, please visit

To find out more about Nehemiah Housing and its celebrations to mark its 30th anniversary – including the charity gala dinner for the TNCMC in November – visit

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