The first ever winners of Mr & Miss Teen Nigeria UK have been announced

Established in 2019, Mr & Miss Teen Nigeria UK is a non-profit organisation that aims to give a positive platform for young teens in the United Kingdom.

The event is a cultural pageant, during which 14-19 year olds are educated on their culture and provided with an opportunity to showcase their creative ideas to a wider society.

The event enables participants to showcase their talents.

The platform aims to enable participants to express their ideas and talents, and leave their trademark in society. This is done by an annual showcase event, with the first ever show having recently taken place on the 12th of October. Consisting of selected teenage Nigerian finalists both males and females who used their creativity and competed head to head in the hopes of winning the title.

Anna-Marie Uzokwe and David Amoko were presented with prizes along with their new titles.

The judges chose two winners who become our annual young Mr & Miss Teen Nigeria UK, Anna-Marie Uzokwe and David Amoko who are the first to ever to win this title, and will help campaign against mental health and knife crime.

Founder, 21 year old Mariah Adejokun told us:

“I am 21 years old whilst studying for my final LLB Law degree this year I created the platform named Mr & Miss Teen Nigeria UK. As a teenager I was severely bullied in secondary school, to the extent that every other day I would end up in fights and altercations leading to my uniform being torn and my hair being pulled out.

With low self esteem and very little confidence I soon found myself in a dark place. With the help and support of my family I sought to do something positive, and applied for the first Miss Teen Africa UK Pageant in 2015.

The journey was tough, but I achieved 2nd place. I used that positive achievement as a platform to help me set up a new youth initiative for all Nigerian youths living in the United Kingdom. That’s when I launched Mr & Miss Teen Nigeria UK. The main message is for each contestant to know that they are “fearfully and wonderfully made”.  

Founder Mariah with Anna-Marie and David.

Mariah said that the statistics for knife crime in boroughs across London shocked her so much that she felt something needed to be put into place to help keep the youths off the streets.

Mariah said:

“Statistics showed that 3 in 4 youth involved in violent crimes were from Nigerian heritage. In as much as this was deeply saddening something needed to be put into place, something needed to CHANGE!”

She also stated that mental health played a part in her launching the pageant.

“Mental health is something that is also not spoken about within our Nigerian community.  It is seen as a taboo and something that we hide from. Half of the teenagers living in the United Kingdom will suffer from some sort of mental health issue before their 18th birthday, some as early as 10 years old. So, what is being done about this? This is why I created the Mr and Miss Teen Nigeria UK pageant. 

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