Former Professional Athlete Pastor Paul Stevens releases children’s book about the true story of Santa Claus

Former professional Rugby player turned Pastor, Paul Stevens has written a children’s picture book to teach children and their parents about the real-life story of Santa Claus and the origins of Christmas traditions like hanging stockings

Stevens the Pastor of Lifehouse Church in Sydney Australia has recently published his very first book called The Boy who became Santa Claus.

This Children’s book is inspired by the true story of the young boy named Nicholas who grew up in ancient Rome. Through a series of adventures as a child, Nicholas transformed into Saint Nick and then Santa Claus. We discover why Santa wears a red suit, gives presents at Christmas time and what the very first Christmas present was using the Nativity story.

Stevens said once he discovered the amazing true story behind Santa Claus including the journey of his faith and good works, he had to share it with us.

“Nick’s story will impact Christians who in the past have avoided Santa. They’ll be so encouraged to now embrace him as one of the best real-life examples of their faith and an amazing role model for their child

“The book explores Santa’s appointment as the Bishop of Myra and his involvement in writing the famous Nicene Creed. It’s amazing to find out that Santa helped to write a well-known statement on our faith, which lead to the Bible being formed.

“It’s a powerful story that I believe will encourage kids to be kind and generous to others, not just at Christmas time but all year round too. Nicholas was an inspiring character and it’s exciting to see how he became our much-loved hero – Santa.

“I had a rough childhood, so I’m passionate about letting children everywhere know how special they are. I’d like to inspire them through this story to do something great with their life, to believe they too can make a difference, just like Nicholas.”

“No other picture book is as delightful in revealing these often-hidden true facts. It’s a fun resource for parents with wonderful illustrations that help bring this story to life.” he said.

The book will be launched on Monday, November 4 on Amazon and retails at $16.95.

About the Author

Paul Stevens has a Bachelor of Business degree and has worked in the corporate world as well as a professional sportsperson. As a Pastor, public speaker and now author his current passion is to encourage the value of family and in a fun way ignite character traits, like bravery, kindness and generosity to help bring to life the hero in all of us!

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