New book aims to uplift those who are single and feeling alone

The Process is an invitation for every man and women, both young & old who have felt like singleness has been such a struggle, a curse or even the downfall of life.

Like a few others, Faith S Dore wanted to be married with children soon by now, well especially before she reached the age of 30. However, as life permits it, that hasn’t been the case.

In ‘The Process’, Faith speaks to individuals that are single regarding enduring their journey by going through its process, touching on what may seem and feel like the whole world is in a relationship, courting or even being married & having kids apart from herself. Ever felt that way?

After being frustrated, exhausted & overwhelmed with the ‘Why are you still single?’ type of questions, feeling alone & more, Faith shares her stories of triumph over some common struggles especially with rejection, self-worth, mindset, people’s perspectives & the wait.

This isn’t a vent book proclaiming ‘single power’, rather it is to be seen as a book that wants to uplift you through testing times of singleness & a reminder of some of the process of life.

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