Ex-’devil worshipper’ hits out at Christians for celebrating Halloween – ‘Cheating on God’

A FORMER devil-worshipper has said Christians should not celebrate Halloween and claimed it is “cheating on God”.

Evangelist John Ramirez who claims to have performed witchcraft for a quarter of a century, hit out at people for getting involved in the Halloween spirit on October 31.

The US-born preacher said he sold his soul to the devil and reached the “highest rank of devil worshippers”. Mr Ramirez described how he was recruited by the devil during a blood-soaked ritual with a mark of the beast cut into his right-arm.

In his book Out of the Devil’s Cauldron: A Journey from Darkness to Light, Mr Ramirez described his journey from the darkness and how God saved him from the devil.

The 55-year-old now preaches the gospel of Jesus and criticised those who wish to participate in Halloween.

He told Fox News: “I wonder why people celebrate Halloween these days.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 (Image: GETTY)

“Because in essence, I know what Halloween is about.

“I was in witchcraft for 25 years…selling my soul to the devil, I was a general for the devil…as a warlock.”

He added: “Have you ever heard a Satanist say, ‘I can’t wait for Good Friday to go to church with you?’

“So, why would the Christians say, ‘I can’t wait for Halloween to say I want to dress up’…It’s cheating on God, really.”

John Ramirez
Evangelist John Ramirez who claims to have performed wichcraft for a quarter of a century (Image: John Ramirez )

Mr Ramirez says it was not until October 1999 when he escaped the devil, and warned those who praise the dark spirits end up in hell.

He said: “That life is a dead end. There’s only one way out. It leads to hell.”

He added: “As an evangelist, I think my life is summed up in one way. Jesus Christ, and I’m going back to heaven.”

Written by: Luke Hawker

First published 30.10.19: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1197874/halloween-2019-news-latest-christianity-devil-John-Ramirez

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