Windrush Story of faith and love one West End stage set to sell out

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With under two weeks to go Angie Le Mar’s hit gospel music Take Me Back is set to sell out in its first outing on the West End stage.

It’s also the first time that the story of the black Christian experience here in Britain has been featured in the West End.

Take Me Back director and playwright Angie Le Mar said, “Take Me Back has been staged across the UK, but I felt it important to bring it to the West End.  The play gives audiences an opportunity to understand the role of faith in the lives of the Windrush generation and how it helped them overcome seemingly unsurmountable problems.”

The gospel music takes the audience back to the 1970s, and tells the story of first and second generation black Christians.

The story centres around two young girls, Andrea and Patricia, who attended black Pentecostal churches founded by Caribbeans who migrated to the UK in the 50s and 60s. Both left the strict confines of their churches as young adults, but life issues and pressures sent them back in search of the love and acceptance they experienced at the church in their youth.

The cast includes actress/singer Simone Harding and comedian Travis Jay, fresh from his success at the Edinburgh Festival.

A black all-female production crew has been hired to work behind the scene on this gospel drama.  Crew members include Carmen Wright who is serving as Production Manager and Lighting and Design/Technician: Set Designer Juliet Green and Stage Manager Caramel Soldier.  Angie shared, “I think an all black female production team is very powerful and also something rare. I’ve always wanted to work with an all black production team, and Take Me Back has given me the chance to do this – and all of the team are professionals in the own right.”

Take Me Back is just another addition to the long line of plays written, produced and directed by Angie Le Mar, who is also known as the First Lady of Black comedy here in the UK. Her dramatic productions have included Forty, The Brothers, Funny Black on the Edge and Do You Know Where Your Daughter Is.

Earlier this year Angie wrote a script for the award winning mini-series Soon Gone – Windrush Chronicle that was broadcast on BBC 4.

Angie shared, ‘

‘It a good thing that the wider world is learning more about the Windrush story and faith plays a major part in it.  I feel honoured to be sharing their story in the heart of London’s West End.”

There are plans to perform Take Me Back abroad, and Angie will be going to America and the Caribbean in forthcoming months to make preparations to stage the production in Atlanta and Jamaica.

Marcia Dixon


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