WHY ME? My fight for life from heartbreak to hope

A South London mother of three who was given six months to live at Christmas has turned author and penned a heart-breaking and uplifting story, after defying all medical prognosis and recovering from a rare form of terminal cancer.

In her book ‘Why me’ launching this Friday author Sharon-Ann Phillips describes how, after being misdiagnosed for more than a year she eventually learned she had amyloidosis of the heart and a rare form of myeloma cancer.

Facing a death sentence and set to be parted from her three children, trusting in God, Sharon vowed there and then to fight for her life telling her doctor ‘No Way!’ Cancer survivor and Author, Sharon says, “‘WHY ME? My fight for life from heartbreak to hope’ shares with readers how I battled a series of personal tragedies leading up to the biggest fight of my life.

The fact I am not only here looking forward to spending another Christmas with my family but written a book to share my story of hope is nothing short of a miracle.”

The book is available to purchase now at Amazon


Dr Willis of St George’s hospital, in Tooting, gave me a huge hug, as I shared with her my enthusiasm for completing my story; with her smiling eyes, she encouraged me, saying, “It’s so important to hear positive stories, especially with the myeloma survival rate being so low, not many people have an opportunity to share their story or live to tell the tale.”

Misdiagnosis played a big factor in Sharon’s life and she hopes that by sharing her story, through her book to raise awareness, the medical profession can offer other sufferers a better chance of survival.”

Readers can expect to be inspired by her story and the refreshing and motivational approach to the circumstances she faced, one of which affects millions of people, directly or indirectly, at some time in their life. This is a story that will make you laugh and sometimes cry but will also offer you a great perspective on dealing with the surge of loss and the dreaded disease of our lifetime.

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