Mum scammed by US fraudster after buying tickets to church bonfire on Facebook

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A mum has been left fuming after she was scammed out of cash for tickets to her local bonfire – by a US fraudster.

She had wanted to purchase extra tickets so her parents could attend the annual event at Warley Baptist Community Church.

However, she was left with no tickets and out of pocket as she watched her PayPal payment suspiciously convert into dollars.

After the transaction was made the seller’s profile disappeared without a trace.

Speaking to Black Country Live, the woman – who does not wish to be named – said: “I was looking to get some more tickets for the church’s fireworks event tonight.

“I’d seen some people posting on the event page and Bearwood parents page, selling their tickets because they couldn’t attend. So I was keeping my eye out.

“Then someone posted on the event page this morning saying the were selling four tickets, so I messaged them.

“I asked if they used PayPal and they said yes. I confirmed the price which was £15.32, and they gave me their email to use for PayPal. I paid the money, told them I’d paid and sent a picture to confirm the payment, but no tickets arrived in my email.

“I messaged again asking if everything was sorted and they messaged back saying they were just checking PayPal. But then they blocked me, deleted the original post and deactivated the account.

“I was furious when I realised. I felt stupid for having just sent the money as a friend via PayPal, but I didn’t feel suspicious at first as a few people were selling tickets and it was on a church event page.

“The church regularly has wonderful events, and people often resell tickets if they can’t go. I didn’t think there would’ve strangers on the church’s events page, I thought it was all people who are part of the church community.”

Emily Tite, the family and community worker for Warley Baptist Community Church, said: “We have only had one incident reported, and it was a mother.

“She told us she had bought some tickets and was told to send the money via family and friends on PayPal. When she did this, she saw the amount convert to US dollars and then the Facebook profile was then taken down.

“We were selling tickets on Event Brite but they sold out and now there are only 100 tickets available on the door priced at five pounds each.”

Written by: Charlotte Regen

First published 04.11.19:


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