Gospel Touch Music Award Winner Announces New single Release: ‘You Give Life’

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Set to drop on 15th November 2019, ‘You Give Life’ is the fourth single release by Gospel Touch Music Award winner Victoria Tunde. A worship song for worshippers, ‘You Give Life’  will be released alongside a performance music video recorded live at her event ‘The Awakening Live ’19’.

The stirring and atmospheric new single is lyrically simplistic yet powerful in its delivery – making it the perfect worship set song for churches across the globe as well as personal worship time.

“I write songs that flow from my personal time with God. So when I release them, my hearts desire is that people can connect with them quickly, and incorporate them into their own times of worship.”

Produced by London based producer Micheal Oyo, Victoria says the new single is continuation of the documentation of what she has called her reflection season. Following the death of a couple of family members and friends, alongside a number of other personal challenges, the singer/songwriter recalls a moment of reflection in which the words ‘God is still good’ rang over and over in her spirit.

“He is still the giver of life and we must continue to call on Him because our help comes from Him alone. So for those going through depression, hurt and lack, or those who have been shaken to the point that they think God has forgotten them – I pray that this songs reminds them that God does not forget and he’s never too late.”

‘You Give Life” will be available to download/stream from all major outlets. The video will be released the same day on Youtube.

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