2=1 – A Marriage and Family Organisation

Purpose of ministry

A Christian ministry that seeks to teach and disciple married couples to experience the best for their marriage and family, to deepen their relationship with Jesus and to live Godly married lives.

Vision of ministry

To see marriages across the world transformed by God’s plan for marriage; that is, for the covenant relationship between a man and a woman to reflect the covenant relationship between Christ and the Church.  The aim is to have Christian married couples; living Godly lives which reflect Jesus’ love for them, on every street in every neighbourhood in every country.


The ministry was created by Mike and Marilyn Phillipps who had severe marriage difficulties.  Mike left Marilyn for another woman.  Marilyn stood for the marriage in prayer and eventually Mike came back.  They were led to study the bible to understand God’s teaching on marriage. As they studied and prayed together their marriage was transformed.  Such was the transformation that friends asked what had caused the change.  They then wrote down all the things that had been revealed and incorporated them into a number of key principles. As they started to explain these principles, couples were so blessed that Mike and Marilyn were challenged to formalise this into a course which could be taught to couples around the world. This  ‘Married for Life’ is now being taught in more than 100 nations and over 3 million couples have been through the course.

Nature of ministry

The ministry consists of courses that run over a number of weeks and also single weekend events. The ‘Married

for Life’ course, for married couples, runs over 12 weeks.  ‘One for Life’, a marriage preparation course for couples seriously considering marriage, runs over 8 weeks.  ‘Parents for Life’, a course for married couples who want to understand God’s plan for Godly parenting, runs over 9 weeks.  For those that have completed a Married for Life course there is a follow-on weekend event, which teaches about the intimate side of the couples’ relationship with God and with each other, called ‘Deepening Love’.  This is run annually in the UK. 2=1 also holds a conference for married couples every 2 years. The next UK conference entitled ‘Simply the Best’; takes place from 21-23 February 2020 and considers how we can achieve wholeness in every area of our lives together.

Teaching philosophy

The courses are run in small groups of up to 7 couples in 2=1 leaders’ homes. These include ‘Life Application’ which each of the couples do together during the week.  The group sessions consist of a period of teaching relating to one of the biblical principles on marriage and a discussion about what they learned from the previous week’s Life Application. There is also an opportunity for private discussion and / or ministry after the group session, if needed.  The main objective is to help the couples understand God’s plan for marriage, deepen their relationship with God and encourage them to rely on the Holy Spirit to help them live their individual and married lives effectively for Christ. It will also challenge them as a couple to discover their purpose and gifting so they can serve God and their church effectively as well as being great parents to their children / grandchildren.

2=1 Leaders

The couples who provide leadership and teaching in 2=1 groups are couples who have completed the course and put the principles into effect in their own marriages. They are couples that have a real heart for marriage and want to enable other couples to experience marriage God’s way.

Working alongside Churches

The 2=1 ministry is not attached to any specific church or denomination.  The leaders are members of a variety of different churches and denominations but all are dedicated to spreading God’s Word, particularly in the area of relationships.  The aim is to work closely with churches and build trusting relationships with church leaders, so they can help the married couples to have stronger, more enjoyable and more Godly marriages and use their gifting more effectively in their church and the wider community.

Website and promotional video

The UK website can be found at www.2equal1.co.uk.  This contains details of the courses and other events, photographs of the 2=1 leaders and other information about the ministry.  There is also a promotional video explaining more about the ministry in the UK with some short testimonies and a video of the first lesson of the Married for Life course entitled ‘Covenant’.

Contact details

Email – uk@2equal1.com

Telephone – 01494 677737

Website www.2equal1.co.uk

Face book – 2=1 UK Public Page

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UK Directors – Mike and Lyn Thomas

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