A Christian Approach to Money Management

62% of religious households give to charity regularly compared to just 46% of non religious homes, but how are Christians when it comes to managing their own money? Frugal living and smart money management is a part of living virtuously, by being grateful for the wealth that God has provided you with and not squandering it. Managing your money smartly is not a sign of greed, but rather of good discipline and concern for your family

Start With Your Tithe

The Bible is extremely clear when it comes to charitable giving. It is mandated in Leviticus 27:30 that a 10th of all produce belongs to God and should therefore be given joyfully to your local church. However little income you are bringing in, giving away 10% of your earnings to your church is the smartest financial choice you can make.

The church will use this money to provide services to the community, which your whole family will benefit from. It will help to ensure a safe and harmonious society, which will make it easier to earn a stable income in the future. Most importantly, however, it will show God of your devotion and He will offer his love and protection in return.

Be Disciplined in Your Saving and Repay Debts

Christianity is in large part about discipline and rejecting greed for a more noble existence. This should apply this to your finances too. The average American 35 to 55 year old has around $130,000 worth of debt. Therefore, don’t feel guilty if you have outstanding loans. Just make sure that you work to reduce your debts and build credit.

Once you have paid off all debts, you can start moving income into a savings account. This is a sign that you are able to provide for your family and resist the temptation of material possessions. Try to save every penny that you don’t save to give your children a better future in an increasingly uncertain world.

Live a Modest Life

Jesus was not a wealthy man and he didn’t expect his followers to be. This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with earning a high income if you are able to, but just that you should live a modest life. If you do so, then you will be financially secure even on a minimum wage job. Wealth won’t help you get into heaven, while living modestly as Jesus and the Apostles did will help you to express gratitude for the things you have. You will therefore simultaneous live as a good Christian and take the financially sensible path.

Your Christian teachings can teach you about more than love and spiritual connection. There are practical values in the Bible too. Use the wisdom of the New and Old Testaments to live a more financially secure life, paying off debts and saving for your family’s future. It begins with a Tithe and continues with a modest way of life, in the spirit of Jesus.

Katlyn Eriksen

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