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Two teenagers have been charged after baby Jesus was found decapitated in a church’s nativity scene. The boys, aged 13 and 17, are also accused of damaging two wise men and a donkey at St Nicholas Kirk in Aberdeen.

Baby Jesus’ body was also smashed in half during the incident. The display had only opened on Monday evening, after being blessed in a ceremony attended by city primary school pupils and community leaders. Aberdeen City Council has now condemned the attack as ‘a disgusting act of vandalism’ as the boys were charged.

The rest of the nativity scene was also wrecked (Picture: Cascade News)

Police noted that the 17-year-old will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal and the 13-year-old boy will be reported to the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration. Depute Provost Jennifer Stewart said she was ‘absolutely appalled’ that anybody would ‘commit such a violation of a blessed nativity’ Senior British diplomat in US quits over government’s Brexit ‘half-truths’ She continued:

‘I don’t understand the mindset in that at all. It’s a huge disappointment. ‘We are living in such a divisive time and I find it hard that people can’t just see that this is something that is meant to reach out to people and spread love and light and hope. ‘My faith says that I should forgive. God may forgive, but I find it very hard to forgive someone for doing such a mindless act.’

The nativity scene had only been unveiled on Monday (Picture: Cascade News)

Schools in the city are now attempting to find a replacement Jesus for the nativity scene. Other residents have registered their disgust at the vandalism online, with one person writing: ‘I hope they get the people who did this and lock them up for Christmas.’ Another added: ‘It’s not even safe for one night – no respect… What makes people do things like that?’

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Written by: Lucy Middleton

First published 05.12.19:

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