How Anxiety affects African Americans

*Mental health advocates have been shedding light on PTSD, depression, and other mental health conditions for African Americans, but the biggest breakthroughs were made quite recently.

According to a 2005 study, African Americans were found to experience less anxiety as opposed to White people. This study was disproved by a 2010 study where African-Americans were found to be more prone to PTSD than their White counterparts – among other mental health problems.

Well, since all of these mental health problems can have huge impacts on any normal person’s life, we are here to advocate certain lifestyle tips that can change how anxiety affects African-Americans. Here’s what you need to do:

Become More Self-Aware

If you really think about it, anxiety can sometimes motivate us. It can make us into better people since the victim begins changing whatever seems to trigger it. Since you’ve cut out whatever was causing anxiety in the first place, you’re slowly becoming more careful who you hang out with and even more self-aware.

You Have To Put a Name to It

If you have social anxiety, your first step is to admit that you have this problem. Say that you have panic attacks and accept that you’ve developed this problem. Once you do so, you will be able to think about why it’s happening and what you will have to do to deal with it.

Figure Out How to Fight It

People who have learned how to deal with anxiety have first learned to identify which of their thoughts cause anxiety. Once you learn to identify your thoughts, you will automatically begin to restructure your cognitive patterns – somewhat like a placebo effect.

Some people fight anxiety by triggering musical cognitive restructuring – which means they begin listening to relaxing music. Other people prefer to solve puzzles, while some would even advise that prayers and spiritual practices work best against anxiety.

Don’t Ever Fall Shy of Asking for Help

There is no shame in seeking help. Anxiety is a very basic mental issue, and it isn’t so hard to treat, either. Once you begin treating it, you will quickly start seeing the order in your life again. If you think you need to, sign yourself up for cognitive behavior therapy or maybe even talk to a therapist.

Remember that medication can definitely take the edge off. If you truly want to set your mind straight, you need to involve yourself in psychological workouts. Everything else is just escapism and will bring you back to square one once the escapism stops.

Written by: Jack Fisher

First published 13.12.19:

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