Young Author Releases New Book to help empower Young girls and women

Birmingham’s young entrepreneur, Romanah Malcolm aged 23, releases a practical guidebook to enrich young ladies. Romanah is known for the work she does in her award-winning community organisation, Eloquent Praise & Empowerment Dance Company. Her first hand experience working with over 200 young people on a weekly basis has fuelled the release of a practical guidebook, ‘Dear Future Self’ to advise and inspire the upcoming generation. In a city where crime can often be an issue for youths, she uses her personal experiences, to help enrich those who may be lost or in need of direction.

The topics included in the book highlight some of the most testing areas for young ladies, such as self-respect, relationships and influence. Romanah states, “​I have purposely suffocated each chapter of this book with REAL TALK that I am 100%, sure, you will be able to relate with. Each
page of the book will actively change your life for the better”

Her recent book launch took place in Birmingham’s new chic restaurant, Craft Dining. The
venue was jam-packed full of engaged women and girls, which certainly sets the speed of
impact this book will have within the community and girls all over.

To quote an excerpt from the book:

‘One thing we will never be able to go back and change is the PAST. It has been done and there is no reversing it. But we are able to control, manage and handle how the past may have
affected us’

‘Dear Future Self’ ​is available to be purchased , with more information on​

And on amazon: f=pd_rhf_se_p_img_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=338FEE36K1W8VB22KWN2​.

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