The Christian Conference Trust are partnering with Toilet Twinning to donate a toilet in some of the poorest places on earth

To celebrate the opening of a £3.5m new en-suite accommodation wing, The Christian Conference Trust are partnering with Toilet Twinning to donate a toilet in some of the poorest places on earth, for each new booking made at one of their three conference centres.

The Christian Conference Trust is a charity organisation that has been running for over 100 years, serving the Christian community with three conference venues located throughout England. To celebrate that all bedrooms at High Leigh Conference Centre in Hertfordshire will be en-suite from this summer, they are partnering with charity Toilet Twinning to give back to this great organisation.

The new wing of bedrooms currently under construction will have 35 new bathrooms, so they are working with Toilet Twinning (part of Christian charity Tearfund) to donate a toilet for each new bathroom. As an organisation, Toilet Twinning work in the poorest countries throughout the world to “Bring health and happiness to people living in some of the poorest places on earth” [, 2020].

For each new client that books a residential event at one of the three centres, the Christian Conference Trust will donate to Toilet Twinning, and the client will receive a certificate to confirm the location of their twinned toilet. This certificate will also be displayed in the bathroom of the new en-suite rooms, so all visitors staying in the new rooms can see who donated the toilet alongside CCT – a lasting memory for any event!

It’s not just for new customers or organisations too, if you are a regular or current customer with CCT, you can take part too. CCT will work on a 50/50 collaboration basis, to donate a toilet on behalf of your organisation as well.

CCT’s Chief Executive John Heasman says “We are so blessed to be able to work with Toilet Twinning and Tearfund to give back to those people who live in the poorest countries. As we celebrate this exciting new chapter at High Leigh with all bedrooms becoming en-suite, we are continually reminded of our mission to further the Christian faith. By providing excellent en-suite facilities for our guests, we can provide suitable facilities for others too. Over the last 100 years, our service and facilities have changed in line with feedback and our guests value the investments that we have made. This new development at High Leigh is part of a larger plan as we continue to invest at all three centres.”

The offer will continue until all 35 toilets in the new wing have been twinned (terms apply). There are no set dates or time of year to book, offering full flexibility for your event.

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