Leading Christian commentator urges Churches across the UK to discover a new passion for mission and Evangelism

Churches across the United Kingdom are being challenged to rediscover their passion for mission and evangelism as a new resource presents the importance of global mission in a ground breaking series. Jesus The Game Changer: To The Ends Of The Earth is the latest release from Olive Tree Media and encourages churches across the country to once again see mission as a priority and regain confidence that the church has the truth that many in our communities are often searching for.

The video series, which is hosted by Christian commentator Karl Faase, follows the success of the first Jesus The Game Changer resource and it is hoped the 6 week second season will be used by more than 500 churches between May and June this year. Each week the videos focus on a different theme, including: Jesus, Paul, Bible Translation, China, Persecution & 20th Century Mission.

Faase, CEO of Olive Tree Media says, “I have travelled the world observing the impact of the church. The sense I have increasingly felt is that churches, particularly in western countries need to regain a focus on evangelism. We need to rebuild a passion for mission.”

The second season of Jesus The Game Changer features stories from Nigeria to Northern Ireland, Iran to Taipei and includes insights from many leading theologians from across the world sharing their passion for mission and the urgency for churches to once again go to the ends of the earth as Jesus spoke of.

Faase continues, “Jesus the Game Changer season 2 focuses on the growth of the church over the centuries. Form a backwater of the Roman Empire to become a truly global faith. This has occurred as people have followed their call to take the message of Jesus to the ends of the earth. The stories in this series will inspire a new generation with that same passion.”

To order your copy of the video resource and the accompanying discussion guide, visit http://www.jeusthegamechanger.com

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