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Plan Like an Indie Artist

There is a thrill in watching your music come alive. There is an excitement with sharing a piece of your soul to the world. Your DNA is embedded into the tracks, which gives listeners an understanding of who you are. You are going to register your music in multiple places. Each place has a specific purpose, which allows your music to be heard. Copyrights protect your music; a number of codes track sales and spins, and distribution makes your music available to listeners. Before you release your music, ensure that you have all your registration in place.

You can be the most talented singer in the world, but if no one gets a chance to hear you, who will know? There are platforms and tools that exist to help advertise your brand, and one of the most effective tools is your website. Think of your website as a one-stop shop for everything representing your brand – a centralised location containing all your music, appearance/tour schedules, merchandise and social media information. Your social media takes your brand and delivers it to followers on that specific platform. Be strategic when coming up with your social media handles, and ensure you are consistent. You want to make sure people can find you.

When you understand who you are as a brand, it helps you communicate it to those who follow you. That does not mean to advertise your music in every single post that you share with your community. You want to highlight the many aspects of your life with your followers. Build trust by being yourself. The infrastructure you put in place gives you multiple ways of saying the same thing in different ways: IGTV, posts, stories, events and live streaming are your tools. Just be sure you know how to use them.

Music Matters is a column designed to give you the tools to help you execute your plan. Through interviews, research, data and input from USA industry pros, we will help you think like an indie artist to address the USA, Africa and other international territories.

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A Column by Benjamin Harrell

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