Evangelistic website christianityexplored.org relaunches

Christianity Explored Ministries (CEM) have announced the relaunch of their evangelistic website, christianityexplored.org

Featuring videos from speakers like Tim Keller and Kevin DeYoung, the website exists to introduce visitors to the good news of Jesus, with answers to tough questions and a selection of real life stories, and to invite them to take next steps in exploring Christianity.

Christianityexplored.org attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year with over 102,000 people viewing the page: ‘How could a loving God send anyone to hell?’ in 2019 alone.

Guests have been finding the website a brilliant evangelistic tool since it first launched in 2016. US pastor and author John Piper said “I found the site very hard to leave. The real-life stories rivet.”

Now, for 2020, CEM has revamped the website to make it even better for users.

They have filmed 10 new videos answering some of the most common questions people are asking today. New presenters include experts like John Lennox, evangelists like Becky Pippert, apologists like Sharon Dirckx, and local church leaders like Jason Roach.

There are also several new real life stories sharing the transformative power of the gospel in people’s lives. Some of these are dramatic conversion stories, like the woman who started reading the Bible while high on heroin. Others are less dramatic, like the man who grew up in a Hindu family but was introduced to Jesus by friends at University.

There’s an invitation for visitors to take things further by reading Mark’s gospel with a guided introduction or by using the interactive map feature to find a Christianity Explored course anywhere in the world.

CEM co-founder and evangelist Rico Tice said: “These resources are designed not just to address the questions people have, but also to model helpful and compelling answers for Christians to use in their personal evangelism.

“We hope there will be something for everyone at christianityexplored.org that will be helpful and shareable with others.”

View the website: www.christianityexplored.org

For more information about all CEM evangelistic resources, call 0207 636 6406 or visit www.ceministries.org.

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