Men 8 Times More Likely to Receive Partners Support for Depression

According to Mind, approximately 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health issue each year. Some studies have found links between digital media use and depression. With this in mind, health and fitness site decided to take a digital approach to mental health and find the most searched questions and topics about depression. Some of the most interesting findings were:

  • Keywords related to helping a boyfriend or husband with depression are searched on average eight times more than keywords surrounding how to help a girlfriend or wife.
  • A staggering 118,350 people each month are searching to find out about the symptoms of depression and/or if they suffer from it.
  • When it comes to the causes of depression, alcohol is the leading topic being searched. A combined 2,140 searches/month are made for keywords related to drinking and depression.
  • An estimated 50,520 people every month ask Google about how to treat, beat, cure or cope with depression.

Using the SEMrush marketing tool to analyse Google UK search data*, the Sportarly team looked at 248,699 depression related keywords which are searched a combined 2.5 million times each and every month. Some of the most searched keywords were:

Keyword: Searches/month:
depression 135,000
depression symptoms 60,500
depression quotes 49,500
depression test 49,500
am I depressed 14,800
what is depression 12,100
depression memes 6,600
causes of depression 5,400
how to help someone with depression 5,400

Keywords surrounding how to help a boyfriend or husband with depression are searched on average eight times more than keywords surrounding how to help a girlfriend or wife. Whether this is because men are less in touch with the issue, their partners needs or simply seeking advise and support elsewhere is unknown. Some interesting search figures surrounding relationships are:

  • Keywords related to how to help a boyfriend with depression are searched 1,350 times each month.
  • Only 210 people each month searched keywords related to helping a girlfriend with depression.
  • Approximately 870 people each month search keywords related to helping a husband with depression where as only 140 each month search similar keywords about helping a wife with depression.
  • On average, 3,180 people each month search more generic keywords related to helping a partner with depression.

On a more positive note, it was found that on average 16,000 searches a month are made for general keywords about helping someone with depression suggesting that many people are looking to offer support. This is however still a great deal less than the 40,500 people each month asking Google about the signs of depression.

Oliver Derry

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