Platform that connects black professionals promoted by Roc Nation

A platform that connects black professionals around the world to niche local and global communities, job opportunities, employer black networks and other black professionals, BYP is working to change the narrative, and this endorsement from Roc Nation highlights just how powerful and widely known BYP’s platform is becoming internationally.

In response to this recognition, BYP is seeking to take this opportunity to the next level by asking its network of over 40,000 members across the globe to retweet and share this post to help it go viral and inspire Jay-Z to invest in BYP.

This is another celebratory moment for BYP in 2020 with the recent news of Kike Oniwinde being shortlisted in Stylist Magazine’s Remarkable Women Awards 2020, the announcement of BYP partnering with social media platform, Facebook, and the launch of BYP Birmingham alongside multiple events in Cardiff, London and beyond.

BYP Network is on a mission to change the black narrative to one focused on aspirations, attainability and achievement. They are doing this through providing new opportunities and connections to their network in order to create black leaders in the world of work, business and community.

Mireille Cassandra Harper

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