End of the world: Book of Revelation ‘prophesied coronavirus stopping Christian Sabbath’

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More than 80,000 people have been affected by the deadly virus now, with more than 2,600 fatalities recorded worldwide. The Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, announced a policy of eased restrictions yesterday, allowing residents to leave in small groups. But, just three hours later, the decision was reversed, placing its nine million residents back under strict quarantine.

Churches in the city, including those honouring the Christian Sabbath, have been banned from providing service to prevent the virus’ spread, which may now be fulfilling a chilling end of days prophecy from the Book of Revelation. 

Publication Sabbath Truth reports: “The Bible talks about a time when disease epidemics, (Matthew 24:7), will run rampant and masses of people will be affected. 

“If the effects of this new coronavirus are any indication, assembling for worship will likely become more and more difficult during this time. 

“What happens when such gatherings seem like an impossibility?

Coronavirus has prevented Christians performing the Sabbath
Coronavirus has prevented Christians performing the Sabbath (Image: GETTY)

The outbreak started in Wuhan
The outbreak started in Wuhan (Image: GETTY)

“Scriptures foretell that, due to religious oppression, such a day will indeed come (Revelation 13:15).”

Revelation 13:15 predicts a “beast” will prevent Christians from carrying out worship.

The publication claims these restrictions may be evidence that Earth is now in the final days before the Second Coming.

But it may not be the only sign.

It adds: “This current outbreak should give Sabbath-keepers pause to consider these questions and how we address new challenges in these last days.

Wuhan is now a ghost town
Wuhan is now a ghost town (Image: GETTY)

“Some claim that the human consumption of unclean animals, such as bats, may have been the source of the new coronavirus. 

“Those who follow the Bible’s dietary guidelines in Leviticus 11, however, already know to refrain from eating any unclean animal.

“The Sabbath gives us ‘time for time,’ as someone once said—the space in which we can stop our daily toil to worship God, to spend time thinking on His merciful love for us; to encourage one another in our Christian walk. 

“These are all good things that help us live better lives, yes, but the Sabbath is so much more than that, It is a central issue in these last days.”

Yesterday, it was revealed why a vaccine for coronavirus could take over a decade.

Coronavirus is threatening Christians
Coronavirus is threatening Christians (Image: GETTY)

Nicola Stonehouse, professor in molecular virology at the University of Leeds, said: “To make a vaccine conventionally – to test it and actually get it on the market – can take a decade, and has done.

“In fact, it’s taken several decades for some vaccines in the past.”

Unfortunately, she added, creating a vaccine is a slow and meticulous process.

They have to go through multiple stages of development – from discovery to clinical trials before they can be passed as safe.

Dr Stonehouse explained why many manufacturers will lose motivation to produce the vaccine the longer the outbreak goes on.

Christians believe it will mark the end of the world
Christians believe it will mark the end of the world (Image: GETTY)

But that does not make their work useless.

She added: “Pharmaceutical companies generally don’t make lots of money out of vaccines because you’re offering them to a large amount of people, so you have to make them very cheap.

“There has to be some governmental pressure in order to promote the manufacture and distribution of vaccines.

“What it might do is help control future outbreaks.

“The principles of doing the research and what you find out along the way can be applied to future projects. 

“Even if it’s not used for this outbreak, it could be used for the next outbreak and that is surely a good thing.”

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Written by: Callum Hoare

First published 26.02.20: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1247068/end-world-book-revelation-coronavirus-sabbath-china-wuhan-church-bible-jesus-spt

3 thoughts on “End of the world: Book of Revelation ‘prophesied coronavirus stopping Christian Sabbath’

  • 2nd March 2020 at 9:09 pm

    11th day of nisan in year 2020 Gregorian calendar fall on April 5 2020 (palm sunday).where did word palm came from? Kapp (palm,hand);kaph(noun) is the eleventh letter of the hebrew alphabet..
    Before Jesus talked two of his disciples,taking to himself the ancient Greek word of the Lord (kyrios) written in capital letter in the original texts,as a proper noun. Kyrios (Lord) is the title for Jesus… keep the faith and believe in Jesus..He will saves his peoples..

  • 23rd March 2020 at 7:46 am

    Bible makes it Clear that Christian are Protected from all such things.A 1000 may Fall at your right side and 10.000 at you other side.But you will not be Harmed.

    • 26th March 2020 at 2:34 am

      this virus does not discriminate. I know of christians who are infected.


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