Raw Memoir Hands Beacon of Hope to Abuse Victims. No One Should Suffer

David Wilde’s life story reads as if it were ripped from a sick and twisted Hollywood screenplay. But it’s 100% true – 100% fact.

Now in his seventh decade of life, Wilde is exposing his story to anyone who will listen. It’s the amazing transformation of a young boy who was abused, forgotten and lost in the system – as he grew into a man who has embraced every ounce of determination in his will to succeed.

Synopsis of ‘Noone’:

This book is essentially an Autobiography a personal story where I have shared the experiences in my life from the age of 3 years old. You may be thinking; how is it possible to remember these complex experiences at such an early age, well the truth is that there are shocking times that never really leave you, and they burn their images in a mind regardless of age. These are the times that are impossible to forget, the outcome for which can give hope to others that cannot find freedom from such images. Therefore, I can confidently state that every part of my book is based on fact, which I know is something that you will want to share with me especially if you can identify with some of the experiences in your own life. There are also parts that will make you laugh as determination possesses gifts that can be surprising at times.

“As a child I had a stammer,” explains the author. “What people didn’t know is that it was caused by my adoptive father who was a pedophile. All of this came after I had spent eight years being intensively treated for TB. I was locked under the stairs, beaten and screamed so loud on a daily basis that my vocal chords suffered permanent damage. I was finally “saved” by a tutor I confided in, and was taken in by a North American Indian Family after I moved to the US – a life that was so great in contrast, and is the subject of my second book.”

Continuing, “But I am not saying this as a cry for help – I am sharing my story because I turned the scars and heartache into grit, tenacity and an unwavering desire to make my life a success. I want to help other victims do the same, because they’re so much stronger than they’ll ever know. They too can rise from the ashes to live a life where opportunity, joy and prosperity flow in abundance. Pick up a copy if you’re suffering – I urge you. It’s a powerful transformation.”

With the book in high demand, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.

‘Noone’ is available now:

Paperback – http://bit.ly/Noone_Book

Kindle – http://bit.ly/Noone-Kindle.

About the Author:

Having arrived at the grand old age of 70 years, this true story has been locked inside since I was 3 years old. It was difficult to write as it involved clarity that is really not present in a 3-year-old, however I was astonished to find out that I could recall many events with great detail and accuracy from such a tender age as the content was burned into my soul which is both sad yet superficially amazing. I have created a motivating memorable tracing of fact and the book will provide a detailed account of who I am, the strength of character and my determination to succeed.

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