Christian Entertainment’s Newest Streaming Service Offers What Family-Friendly Consumers Crave

A new streaming service of the same caliber as Tidal or Apple Music has finally arrived for Christians and its name is GODIFY!  GODIFY, Christian music and entertainment’s newest streaming service is now available to download on Android and iPhone devices.  GODIFY offers a family-friendly streaming experience that boasts an impressive catalog of Christian music, videos, movies, shows and original content including Godify exclusive music, live theatrical productions, movies, webisodes, and reality-tv programs.  

GODIFY originated as a vision in the heart of Hip Hop recording artist and former writer for Sean P.Diddy Combs, Nucci Reyo.  “My love has always been for hip hop but as I continued to build on this vision through the years, I began to see God shaping something much bigger than a streaming service for clean hip hop.  He gave me a heart and a vision that desires to make His name great in the entertainment industry as a whole.”  Nucci continues, “this is an epic time and an ambitious embarkment where GODIFY is only the tip of the iceberg of where entertainment is headed.”

GODIFY takes all the features we love about Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix and filters out inappropriate ads, irrelevant content, offensive suggestions, and exploitative content to create an awesome entertainment experience for its subscribers.

“We consider ourselves to be the Christian one-stop shop when it comes to families looking for a safe online space that children, teens, and adults can navigate through while looking for safe music and programming,” states Mark Bullock, COO of GODIFY.  Mark adds, “Christian content has been notoriously pushed into a little corner as an alternative offering, when in fact, faith and family-friendly content increases in demand as bullying, perversion, and offensive messages increase in our media.” GODIFY is a godsend for consumers.  The streaming service is also beneficial for Christian music artists, faith-based movie makers and content creators who will be able to use the GODIFY platform to bring fresh and exciting Christian content to the world.

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