International Women’s Day 2020- A simple invention improving the lives of mothers, sisters and daughters

It may come as a surprise that women of all ages still carry most of the world’s water which, over time, can lead to chronic neck and back pain as well as musculoskeletal disorders. In honour of International Women’s Day, a new charity is distributing a life-changing invention to help break this norm.

Although wells in rural India are now more accessible than they were 20 years ago, it’s still common to see women of all ages carrying water in a metal pail balanced on their heads for several miles. Females are tasked with walking in scorching 40 °C heat to fetch water in this way, some as young as seven years old.

Aiming to prevent the health burdens and cycle of poverty that water collection can create, charity – Wells on Wheels is on a mission to supply The Water Wheel to families in need across India – a large drum fitted with handles which can be rolled along the ground with ease.

These round containers, inspired by the simple office water cooler, enable users to roll water from the wells rather than carry it on their heads and can transport up to 5x more water per trip compared to a standard bucket. This life-changing innovation is also allowing young girls to stay in school and receive education as they no longer need to be involved in water collection.

Founder of Wells on Wheels and CEO of Digimax Dental Marketing, Shaz Memon is currently fundraising for the project with a goal of £50,000. Recent drives for awareness and donations saw 120+ people from the dentistry industry taking part in a sponsored walk to raise money for Wells on Wheels. Each carried heavy bottles of water for two miles through Regent’s Park, in a bid to experience a little of what Indian women are obliged to go through on a daily basis.

View a documentary on the project here:

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