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We are seeking partners for what one of the Government’s Centre for Social Justice team called “the most impressive sustainable social enterprise models I have ever seen”.

We are a Registered Charity called “Betel UK”, and possibly one of the most successful Christian Rehabilitation initiatives in UK; we also serve however as a church-planting ministry of WEC UK, which is one of the oldest and most trusted missions in UK. Our slogan is “Restoring broken lives: resourcing people, restoring hope, and reviving purpose”.

Over 23 years, we’ve helped more than 13,000 homeless, addicted and out-of-work adults into recovery and employment in UK. (with currently over 400 residents and families in our 18 homes.) In Betel we teach recovering men and women to work, helping them to invest in their own recovery as they learn on the job in our charitable businesses, relieving considerable financial burden from society. The result is exceptional sustainability: for every £1000 invested in Betel, we generate £8,500 more. Betel’s recovering residents learn to help pay for their own recovery, saving taxpayers and society annually more than £37,000 per person that we support. Free entrance into Betel’s recovery residences and therapeutic work programme, has saved the government and families more than £135 million since 1996 in reduced rehab fees, welfare benefits and criminal justice, prison and medical costs.

The government admits to only being able to treat 6% of those who are dependent on alcohol nationwide, so Betel UK is essential in providing hope for the future in this vital sector. Betel UK is therefore developing a “flagship” Anchor Point HQ Building in Aston Birmingham which will sustain all the above activity.

This 45,000-square-foot building will serve as Betel’s National HQ and as a multi-purpose, social enterprise centre. It will deliver on-the-job training to over 60 recovering men and women in a diverse range of business and arts skills (for example: chefs, bakers, restaurant servers, beauticians, furniture restorers and admin assistants, as well as fitness instruction, arts performances, dance classes and more.) It will also provide this area of Aston, Birmingham, with a local Food Bank to help other families in need.

This project will restore hope, stability and new direction to broken lives, as well as reuniting families and training society’s most socially excluded. Our fundraising efforts to complete the figure of £5.6 Million have raised £2.3 million since we started last October, and having received planning permission, we have commenced work on the site. We are delighted to have the full support of the former Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Yvonne Mosquito as well as Sir Peter Vardy (see below). This has also been greatly supported by the Parliamentary Review 2019 which highlighted our effective impact on the marginalized, and the support of the Royal Foundation following a visit from Prince William and Kate last year. Through our businesses we can raise up to 80% of the core funds needed annually to support the work of this Charity, but we depend on donors to raise the final 20% of core costs (approx: £1 million) In terms of Capital expenditure, we are therefore seeking partners like yourselves to help us with either this capital expenditure of the HQ centre or towards our core costs. It is remarkable that God can raise up such a powerful church-planting vision simply through restoring the broken lives we see all around us. Betel has a track record of this activity now in 23 Nations, including growing the largest Church in Spain through this activity.

We would love you to partner with us!

“ Betel has the most impressive sustainable social enterprise model I have ever seen”

Lily Lewis, Director of Social Cohesion. The Bernard Lewis Family Charitable Trust.

“Betel UK is a one-of-a-kind resource sorely needed in today’s society. I have supported them for several years and know them to be a charity of integrity, helping to turn around marginalized lives by the hundreds. An investment in their Anchor Point HQ project is a rock-solid investment in hope for hurting people, teaching them that it’s possible to take back personal dignity and responsibility for their families and futures. How we need more recovery models like this one.”

Sir Peter Vardy.

“I am 100% committed to seeing Betel’s Anchor Point centre succeed. Their commitment to serve the community of so deprived a city ward makes me proud that they’ve chosen Birmingham as their national headquarters’ site. Every brick, tool and hired skill used to build this project is worthy of our support and funding, so that Betel can continue to offer recovery care and back-to-work training free of charge to hundreds whilst continuing to save society millions.”

Yvonne Mosquito, Lord Mayor of Birmingham.

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