Preacher claims ‘virus will pass’ but ‘there will be more plagues’

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The coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) appeared in China last November but it has rapidly spread to virtually every continent since. As of March 22 at 9.46pm GMT, nearly 330,000 people have contracted the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The disease has killed at least 14,378 people, pushing hospitals and health services worldwide to their very limits.

In these trying times, many have looked to the Bible for answers.

Some have claimed the coronavirus is a plague sent down by God as punishment.

Others have said the coronavirus is a prophetic sign of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Some Christian evangelists believe the coronavirus is just one of many events foretold by the Bible.

Paul Begley, a preacher from West Lafayette in Indiana, US, said “this virus will pass” in due time.

However, the self-titled ‘Coronavirus Prophet‘ also argued COVID-19 is one of the many plagues that will descend upon Earth as a precursor to the end times.

Pastor Begley said during an online sermon: “Guys, this virus will pass. The Lord has assured me it’s not the end of the world.

“The Lord has – I’ve been in prayer – the Lord has told me, ‘Paul this is just the beginning of sorrows, there will be more famines, more plagues’.”

The firebrand preacher then claimed swarms of locusts Africa and the Middle East in recent months are additional evidence of biblical prophecy unfolding.

The Lord has assured me it’s not the end of the world

Pastor Paul Begley

He said: “The worst locust plagues since the plagues of Egypt maybe.

“And they continue to swarm, and devour, and the Bible said these swarms would come in the last days.

“We have ebola outbreaks in the Congo, we have dengue fever outbreak in Indonesia right now, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore.

Coronavirus: Paul Begley, Coming Apocalypse show
Coronavirus: Do you think the world is coming to an end? (Image: Paul Begley)

“We have the coronavirus – unprecedented global pandemic – and there are wars and rumours of wars, and nations are rising against nation, and kingdoms are coming against kingdom.”

Despite the wild claims, officials at the World Health Organization (WHO) have urged countries to take the correct precautions when dealing with the deadly virus.

The coronavirus attacks the respiratory system with flu-like symptoms and pneumonia.

The virus spreads on tiny droplets of bodily fluid when people sneeze or cough.

Most people who fall ill with COVID-19 will experience mild symptoms.

But people in elderly age groups, pregnant women and people with underlying health conditions are more at risk of the disease developing critical symptoms.

To combat the spread of coronavirus, the UK has urged for social isolation and for people to stay away from one another by at least 6.5ft (2m).

Pubs, cafes and restaurants have been told to close for the time being and people are expected to isolate at home and maintain good standards of personal hygiene.

A Government advisory on coronavirus said: “The majority of people with COVID-19 have recovered without the need for any specific treatment, as is the case for the common cold or seasonal flu.

“We expect that the vast majority of cases will best be managed at home, again as with seasonal colds and flu.”

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