Statement: Coronavirus and worship services

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are living in challenging times and we need the wisdom of God and forbearance as we try to keep safe and look out for each other during these unprecedented times.

Over the coming days, weeks and months, many churches and places of worship will suspend their normal services and activities. The advice from Government and the health professionals is that we should all avoid meetings and gatherings in large numbers, along with the advice to work from home if we can and to avoid travelling unless it’s absolutely essential.

This weekend, and for the foreseeable future, many churches will suspend public gathered worship and instead conduct their services online. This will be a challenging experience for some churches and groups, but it will help us all to think seriously about different ways of ‘being church’ and ‘doing church’ during (and after) this COVID-19 pandemic.

We encourage and urge you to do all you can to keep yourself and your congregation safe by following the advice from the Government and Public Health England Some people will think that suspending church services shows a ‘lack of faith’. This is not the case. It is being responsible, as we try to protect ourselves, our congregation and the public during this pandemic. We echo the thoughts of the CTE Presidents in their call for a national day of prayer this Mothering Sunday:

“Alongside your prayers, take the opportunity to telephone or email someone who is isolated, buy some additional food for your local foodbank, or offer to deliver shopping for an elderly neighbour.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all those you care for at this difficult time.

Pastor Ade Omooba MBE & Dr R. David Muir Co-Chairs, NCLF – A Black Christian Voice

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