Churches break Easter egg food bank donation record

A record breaking 3,000 Real Easter Eggs have been bought and donated to food banks through a usually ‘quiet’ online scheme. The ‘Donate an egg to a food bank scheme’ is run the The Meaningful Chocolate Company which, for the past ten years, has been making The Real Easter Egg.

David Marshall CEO said:

“We have been very busy over the past few weeks home delivering thousands of Real Easter Eggs. But hundreds of people, as they have been shopping for friends and family, have been buying and donating eggs to food banks through our scheme. Usually a couple of hundred eggs are donated in total but this year we have been overwhelmed and a record breaking 3,000 eggs have been donated. What is moving is people are donating their purchase to someone they will never meet or hear from but trust that the Easter story, which come with each egg, will make a difference and the chocolate egg give a treat. One customer told us she had a legacy from her father and wanted to use some of it to send a pallet of eggs to those in need.”

David McDonald, Trussell Project Manager.

“Ten years a go churches and schools helped create The Real Easter Egg with its copy of the Easter story in the box, its support of Fairtrade chocolate and  charitable causes. There can be no more fitting a tribute than for us to continue to support, share and give to those in need. “

To donate an egg or sponsor a pallet to a food bank visit:

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