Podcast Series Uncovers Untold Stories from the Windrush Generation

In April 2020 Broccoli Content launches a two-part podcast documentary series, ‘Generation Windrush’ hosted and produced by Jaja Muhammad.

The podcast will take a deep dive into the fate and feelings of the Windrush Generation, then and now. Guest contributors to the series are Patrick Vernon OBE, Allyson Williams MBE and Colin Grant, who will be sharing their insights, stories and reflections on what we can learn from the generation, the impact of losing their identity and the systems that played their part in the subsequent scandal.

In 1948, the merchant vessel Windrush docked at Tilbury, Essex carrying almost 500 Caribbean men and women. This heralded the arrival of thousands of men and women from the British West Indies to Britain. They had all responded to the call of the “Mother Country” to help rebuild what was left of the nation, after the devastation of the Second World War. In more recent times they were dubbed the ‘Windrush Generation’, a generation who contributed their lives to a country that it thought would honour their contributions. 

In the Spring of 2018 British mainstream media uncovered a scandal that rocked the nation. The scandal detailed the fact that scores of the Windrush Generation, who had contributed to the building of the nation’s health service, transport networks and added so much to the nation’s cultural mix, were being deported from the country they called home.

The UK Government has decided that because many were unable to provide the authorities with the right paperwork and proof of UK citizenship, they were therefore deemed to be on UK soil illegally and had to return to the countries of their birth. The scandal uncovered the depths of the hostile environment in the UK and in March 2020 Windrush Lessons Learned Review found that the Home Office had “institutionally failed” the Windrush Generation.

With episodes due to be released on April 5th and April 12th  2020, the Generation Windrush podcast series highlights the lessons from the Windrush scandal and the legacies & stories from a Generation that deserves to remain visible and unforgotten.

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