Finding Rest

Victoria Fagg is the Prayer Communications Leader at MAF UK. A mum, wife and sister, Victoria is currently training to be a minister within Elim and serves as Assistant Pastor at her local church.

Extract from ‘Rooted’ – MAF’s prayer journal and devotional

Picture the scene. The school bell sounds and, as the heavy-laden students hurry down the long corridor, the headteacher bellows, ‘Walk, don’t run!’

A few years ago, God spoke the same words to me. I saw a picture of me walking through a garden, amazed at the rainbow of colour exhibited in the flowers – the symphony of birdsong dancing around me as I let the fresh breeze of a summer’s day catch my breath. 

God explained that, when we run through life, we miss the fragrance of the flowers around us. We tune out the song of His creation. 

Like many of us, I didn’t pay heed to this wisdom. I continued to rush through life from one task to another – finding my value in what I did and missing the truth of who I am as a child of God. That was until recently.

In May last year, I had an accident. A fall down the stairs resulted in a fractured leg and an enforced time of rest. I couldn’t walk let alone run for nearly seven weeks. Healing was slow as I navigated a heavy black boot during the summer months. 

The first couple of weeks passed in a haze of intolerable pain, frustration and painkillers. I couldn’t sleep properly, and I missed being in the MAF UK office. But I discovered a sense of stillness that I hadn’t experienced before, together with the realisation that it is okay to just ‘be’. 

Psalm 131:2 captures it like this: ‘I am humbled and quieted in Your presence. Like a contented child who rests on its mother’s lap, I’m Your resting child and my soul is content in You’ (TPT).

As I worked from home with the doors open, I would notice the different voices of bird song. I learnt to tell the difference between a pigeon, a blackbird, a sparrow and a parakeet.

Eventually, I was able to navigate the stairs on crutches. My progress was laboured and slow going as I purposefully fixed my attention on every step. Through this, I’ve learned to be truly present.

Watching the cat sleep peacefully beside me, I would thank God for my little companion. I now read the Bible with new insight, pondering on the words and the message, and giving thanks for the Holy Spirit who brings life and revelation. 

I’ve discovered that the sun doesn’t go away just because it’s behind a cloud, that vulnerability is powerful as we admit our weaknesses and allow God and others to step in, and that you can be in a room with someone and miss them completely when you’re busy or distracted.

I realise afresh that God made me for Himself. Any ‘works’ I do in His name, although important, are only effective if they’re based on my intimacy with Him. If I don’t have time for that, then I am getting it all wrong.

Psalm 46:10 tells us, ‘Be still and know I am God’ and I thank God for how He has revealed Himself again to me in this season of rest and that what He has done in me is becoming rooted and strong even as life gets busy again.

For 75 years, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has been flying medical relief and life-transforming help to vulnerable people in hard-to-reach places. Serving in 26 developing countries, each flight carries practical help, spiritual hope and physical healing to thousands for whom flying is not a luxury but a lifeline. 

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