Music Matters by Benjamin Harrell

Tracking the impact of your brand

The UK Gospel Sound is truly unique in the world of gospel music and is, by definition, an export commodity. Once your music is available to the world, how do you determine how fans and followers are reacting to your brand? Next Big Sound is the answer. Next Big Sound provides analytics for online music. This platform is able to perform an analysis on the popularity of an artist by reviewing social networks and streaming services. Next Big Sound tracks mentions of an artist/band across several music websites. Users have the ability to associate multiple sources that will drive analytics.

Just in case you are thinking that you could view how well each post is doing directly from your social network, consider this: Next Big Sound behaves like a repository that not only captures all the data from its connected sources, but is also able to display your impact with its user-friendly platform. Not only that, you will receive weekly updates on how interactions change. 

Here are a few examples of sources you can connect:

• Facebook
• Pandora
• Twitter
• Wikipedia
• Bandcamp
• Songkick

You can use the metrics to strategise how to engage your fans or connect with new ones. You may find that you need to direct your fans to listen to your music on multiple platforms to strengthen engagement. Standard procedure is to ensure that all your followers know where to find your music. Spend time focusing on the social sites that feed into Next Big Sound.

You have to think beyond making good music. You advertise your music and brand on multiple sites, because you understand that it increases your visibility. Now it is time to ensure that these analytics are available to the industry professionals in and outside of the UK. 

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