Gospel Touch spreading the message of hope during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has constrained governments and organizations worldwide to take intense measures to stop its spread – from putting 33% of the total populace under lockdown, numerous have lost jobs, businesses, and many have lost love ones.

The UK/USA based gospel choir have collaborated to record a song Khumbaya, also sung by the Soweto Gospel Choir, to pay tribute and request for prayers for the victims, bring hope and solace by touching the soul and heart of everybody that is affected and to the NHS endeavoring to give treatment and save lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

Gospel Touch is directed by the CEO Sam Adebanjo, who trusts and hopes for some harmony, recuperation, and solace for the nations.”Gospel Touch” performs in the UK and abroad at private and corporate events. They have been included and featured in most of the UK and USA national Television channels: BBC, ITV and Station 4, BET, TBS and have been nominated for the MOBO Awards. They have also worked alongside projects with Micheal Jordan, President Barack Obama, Trevor McDonald, Sports Relief, Master Card, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay.  

‘Gospel Touch Gospel Singers are – Touching Lives, One Song At A Time’.

For more information visit www.gtchoir.com

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